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    i couldnt scroll past this i had to reblog

    I really tried to scroll past it

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  3. When To Wear Lipstick


    imageRed/Orange Lipstick
    -You are a trained assassin meant to meet your very attractive enemy in a hotel bar
    -You are the lead in a film noir but instead of being the murdered person, you’re going to take your trenchcoat-wearing gams out to find the bad guy yourself
    -It’s V…

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confess here


    confess here

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    Mortal enemies.


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  7. circumcisions:

    why doesn’t ellen give stuff away like oprah and call the segment ellen de generous like wtf

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  9. lil-lady-hiddleston:


    bless this writer and this entire episode

    Bless Mark Sheppard for delivering that flawlessly

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  10. vondeaugusttoons:

I heard the TARDIS.


    I heard the TARDIS.

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